Smile Design

Orthodontics may also play a role in many smile design plans to correct malocclusion and faulty tooth alignment. Although the optimum time for orthodontic applications is typically just before or at puberty, cosmetic dentists have realized their benefit for smile design even for adults of all ages. Innovations in braces and other orthodontic devices have reduced discomfort and improved their appearance and even saved time.

Some of these procedures involve just one visit to the dentist; others may take months or even years to complete. Regardless of the techniques involved the outcome should be the same, the smile you once beheld in the mirror has been transformed. A sense of disappointment or embarrassment has now been replaced with confidence as you freely share your new smile with the world. More importantly, dental health has simultaneously been restored. You will be a healthier you and that is definitely something to smile about.

Smile Design Techniques

Whitening — a chemical application with a peroxide base is applied directly to the teeth to remove minor staining and discoloration.
Bonding — An acrylic material is applied to a tooth that can be shaped and colored to match the natural look of the patient’s other teeth. Primarily used for chipped, broken or decayed teeth, as well as to alter tooth shape with minimum tooth removal.
Enamel Shaping — the removal of minute amounts of enamel, the tooth’s outer layer, to improve the look of the shape of a tooth.
Veneers — a thin shell of tooth-colored material, usually porcelain, custom-designed to be affixed to the front surface of the teeth.
Crowns and Bridgework — a technique that covers heavily damaged teeth or replaces missing teeth. They usually have an inner core for strength and an outer porcelain shell for the feel and appearance of real teeth.
Dental Implants — as an alternative solution for replacing missing teeth, titanium posts are surgically implanted in the patient’s jaw. Artificial tooth replacements are connected to the posts to restore missing tooth above the gum.
Gum Contouring — a minor surgical procedure altering the position of the gum tissue and sometimes the underlining bone, to improve the look and regularity of the gingival line around the teeth.

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